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Comments on Changes in Fiscal Laws, Finance Bill 2017

Grant Thornton Anjum Rahman

Parametric Selection for Audit without Disclosing Parameters

Sayyid Ali Imran Rizvi

Legal Recognition of Electronic Evidence and Electronic Trial

Kamran Adil

Harmonization of Inconsistent Provisions

Dr. Ilyas Zafar

Administration of Social Justice in Fata

Muhammad Farooq Afridi

An Overview of International Legal Framework for Combating Terrorism

Barrister Zeeshan Adhi

Adjudicating the Illegal Dispossession Act, 2005: The Methodology and Quality of Reasoning

Kamran Adil

Assessing the Performance of Banking Courts

Sayyed Qalb-e-Abbas Kazmi

Ouster of Jurisdiction of Courts in Pakistan

Muhammad Usman Ramzan

Legacy Under Threat

Barrister Muhammad Pansota

Gharib Khan Key Muqaddima Ki Kahani

Mr. Taki Khan

Recognition of the Right to a Healthy Environment

Dr. Sajjad U. Hasan

Theoratical Framework for Reforming The Criminal Justice System in Pakistan

Kamran Adil

The Need to Update the Sale of Goods Act 1930 (Pakistan)

Muhammad Humzah Sheikh

Introduction to the Constitution of Nepal, 2015

Kamran Adil

Retrospective Effect of New Procedural Law on Pending Cases

Muhammad Shafiq

Freedom of Speech and Media Trial in Pakistan

Muhammad Usman Ramzan

Statutory Interpretation

Atif Sattar Arieen

Competition Laws In Pakistan & Eu*

Mr. Justice (R.) Qazi Khalid Ali

Need To Check Indiscriminate and Liberal Arrests of Police

Zeeshan Manzoor

Cyber Security of Pakistan: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, the Sole Authority

Jawad Hussain Aadil

Determination of Factual Controversy by Company Judge

Muhammad Shafiq


Muhammad Masood Asghar

Justice Former Judge Sindh High Court & Federal Shariat Court

Justice S.A. Rabbani

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