Cantonment Areas Union Committees (Election of Chairman) Rules 1966

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[Gazette of Pakistan , Extraordinary, 21st May, 1966]

**S.R.O. 459(K)/66.---**In exercise of the powers conferred by Article 89 of the Basic Democracies Order, 1959 (P.O. 18 of 1959), read with Article 12 thereof. the Central Government is pleased to make the following rules namely:--‑

1. Short title and commencement---(1) These rules may be called the Cantonment Areas Union Committees (Election of Chairman) Rules, 1966.

(2) They shall come into force at once.

**2. Notice for the election of Chairman.---**As soon as may be after the notification of the names of a Union Committee, the Controlling Authority shall:--‑

(a) appoint a date for the assumption of office by the Union Committee under rule 4 of the Cantonment Areas Union Committees (Assumption of Office) Rules, 1966.

(b) issue a notice convening the first meeting of the Union Committee; and

(c) issue notice to all members of the Union Committee stating that at the first meeting the Chairman of the Union Committee will be elected.

**3. Election of Chairman.---**After the oath of office has been administered to all the members of the Union Committee present at the first meeting held under the Cantonment Areas Union Committee (Assumption of Office) Rules, 1966, the Presiding Officer shall call upon the members to elect the Chairman.

(2) Any member of a Union Committee shall be eligible for election as Chairman.

(3) Any member present at the meeting may propose the name of any other member as the Chairman and if another member seconds the proposal, the person proposed shall be deemed to be a candidate for the office of the Chairman (hereinafter referred to as a "candidate").

(4) A candidate may withdraw his candidature before the Presiding Officer proceeds to declare the result or to take the poll as the case may be, and thereupon such person shall cease to be a candidate.

(5) If there is only one candidate, that candidate shall be declared by the Presiding Officer to have been duly elected as the Chairman. If there are more candidates than one, the issue shall be decided by taking a poll.

4. Poll.---(1) Votes for the office of the Chairman shall be given by ballot.

(2) The Presiding Officer shall provide a ballot-box which shall be shown empty to the members, and thereafter nailed or locked, and placed in a separate compartment.

(3) The Presiding Officer shall issue to each member of the Union Committee a ballot-paper in the form appended to those rules. Each member shall after taking the ballot-paper proceed to the compartment where the ballot-box is kept: make a cross on the ballot-paper against the name of the candidate for whom he wishes to vote and thereafter drop the ballot-paper, in the ballot-box. If a member cannot read or write, he may request the Presiding Officer to assist him to the marking of the ballot paper.

(4) When the votes have been cast, the Presiding Officer shall open the ballot-box in the presence of the members, and count the votes cast in favour of each candidate. If there is any doubt or dispute about the marking of ballot-paper, the Presiding Officer may decide the issue, after holding such summary enquiry on the spot as may be necessary.

(5) The candidate obtaining the highest number of votes shall be declared by the Presiding Officer to have been elected as the Chairman. If for the purposes of the declaration of the result there is a tie between two or more candidates who have obtained an equal number of votes, the result shall be declared by the Presiding Officer by drawing lots.

**5. Adjournment.---**If, for any reason, the election of a Chairman is not held on the date fixed under rule 2; a fresh date shall be fixed for election and at the meeting thus held the procedure prescribed in rules 3 and 4 shall be followed.

6. Election petition.---(1) No election of a Chairman shall be called in question except by a petition presented to the Controlling Authority within thirty days of the declaration of the result.

(2) The Controlling Authority may, after such enquiry as may be necessary, uphold the election of the Chairman, or declare the election as void for any material irregularity, or any sufficient reason to be recorded.

(3) Where an election is held to be void, a fresh election shall be held in the manner provided by these rules.

**7. Casual vacancy.---**If there occurs a casual vacancy in the office of the Chairman, the election to file the vacancy shall be held in the manner provided by these rules.


|---------------------------|----------------------|---------------------------|-----------------------| | Conterfoil Serial No. | Ballot Paper No. | Name of the Candidate | Serial Cross Mark | | Election of Chairman | 1 | | | | Union Committee | 2 | | | | Name of the member | 3 | | | | | 4 | | | | | 5 | | | | | 6 | | |

Signature or, thumb-impression of the member

Initials of the Presiding Officer



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