Martial Law Order 1962 (Zone B) No. 121

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No. 121

[ 27^th^ April 1962 , Gazette of West Pakistan , Extraordinary, dated 30^th^ April 1962 ]

Whereas it is expedient to establish a wholesale vegetable market away from the congested parts of the city of Lahore in which the business of wholesale dealing in vegetables will in future be carried on, now, therefore I, Lt.-General Bakhtiar Rana, S.Q.A., M.C., A.D.C., Martial Law Administrator, Zone `B' order the Commissioner, Lahore Division to take possession forthwith of such land as he may deem suitable for the aforesaid purpose, summarily ejecting, if necessary, any person or persons in occupation of any part thereof.

  1. The said property shall be transferred to the Lahore Improvement Trust and the Lahore Improvement Trust shall be put in possession thereof and the said property shall be deemed to have been duly acquired by the Lahore Improvement Trust.

  2. The compensation for the land and standing crops thereon will be assessed by the Deputy Commissioner and Collector, Lahore and shall be subject to confirmation by the Commissioner, Lahore Division, Lahore , whose order shall be final.

  3. The compensation awarded shall be paid by the Lahore Improve ment Trust.

  4. The Chairman, Lahore Improvement Trust shall forthwith lay out the area of the said market and allot sites to vegetable dealers and/or commission agents dealing in the wholesale vegetable trade. The Chairman may require the said dealers/commission agents to erect such structures within such period as it may determine and ' shall do all other things necessary for the establishment of the said market in this area.

  5. The Chairman of the Lahore Improvement Trust shall determine the price of the sites allotted to vegetable dealers/commission agents and shall also determine the terms and conditions of the payment thereof to the Lahore Improvement Trust and the method of recovery in case of default.

  6. The Chairman may frame rules for the proper functioning of the said market. All wholesale vegetable dealers/commission agents at present carrying on their business at Chamberlain Road, Railway Road and other places within the City of Lahore Corporation shall move to the said market as and when ordered by the Commissioner, Lahore Division, Lahore and shall carry on their business at the said market and at no other place within the limits of the Corporation of the City of Lahore.

  7. No provision of this Order shall be called to question in any Court including~,~ the High Court and the Supreme Court. No suit, prosecution or other legal proceedings shall lie against the Govern ment, the Lahore Improvement Trust, or any member, Officer or servant of the Government or any person in respect of anything done or intended to be done in good faith under this Order.


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