Martial Law Order 1962 (Zone B) No. 123

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No. 123

[ 5th May 1962 , Gazette of West Pakistan , Extraordinary, dated 9th May 1962 ]

Whereas it is expedient in the public interest to improve the standard of cleanliness and sanitation in the Lahore Cantonment (hereinafter referred to as said Cantonment) and to prevent the spreading of the diseases therein.

  1. Therefore, I, Lieut.-General Bakhtiar Rana, S.Q.A., M.C., A.D.C., Martial Law Administrator, Zone `B' hereby order as under :-

(a) With immediate effect cattle for commercial purposes within the said Cantonment can be kept only under permits to be issued by Station Commander of the said Cantonment.

(b) The cattle owners within the said Cantonment shall keep the area used for cattle in absolutely clean condition.

(c) The Station Commander of the said Cantonment shall take further step as may be necessary, issue direction (s) and frame rule (s) to bring and maintain the Hygienic and sanitation standard in the said Cantonment on a high level.

  1. Any person who contravenes or attempts to contravene or abets the contravention of this Order or any direction or directions issued by the Station Commander of the said Cantonment or any rules framed by him in pursuance of this Order shall be punished under C.M.L A. Regulation No. 16 (a).

  2. No provision of this Order shall be called to question in any Court, including the High Court and the Supreme Court. No suit or legal proceedings shall lie against any person or authority for anything which is in good faith done or intended to be done in pursuance of this Order.


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