Martial Law Order 1962 (Zone B) No. 124

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No. 124

[ 5th May 1962 , Gazette of West Pakistan , Extraordinary, dated 9th May 1962 ]

Whereas certain persons serving in a civil capacity in connection with the affairs of the Province of West Pakistan have been required to serve as officers or teachers of certain Universities constituted under enactments for the time being in force subject to such terms and conditions as may be determined by the University concerned ;

And whereas some of the aforesaid officers and teachers are undesirable and it is expedient in the public interest to terminate their services forthwith ;

Now, therefore, I, Lt.-General Bakhtiar Rana, S.Q.A., M.C., A.D.C., Martial Law Administrator, Zone ^`^B' empower the Governor of West Pakistan to order

(i) notwithstanding the provisions of any law or rules for the time being in force or the terms and conditions of service of any such officer or teacher as aforesaid shall stand terminated forthwith ; and

(ii) further that such pension or Provident Fund as may be specified in the order shall be paid to that officer or teacher.


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