Martial Law Order 1962 (Zone B) No. 127

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No. 127

[ 14th May 1962 , Gazette of West Pakistan , Extraordinary, dated 18th May 1962 ]

Whereas it is expedient in the public intesest to resume crown land measuring 160 Kanals situated in Iqbal Park (formerly known as Minto Park) leased out to all Pakistan Textile !Mills Association, West Pakistan Zone Lahore, for a period of one year commencing from 14th October 1961, therefore, 1, Lieut-General Bakhtiar Rana, SQA, MC, ADC, Martial Law Administrator, Zone `B' hereby order :

(a) The sanction of lease issued by the Director of Agriculture, West Pakistan , Lahore , vide his Memo. No. 235/112-8-KW/Exh. 1, dated 2nd September 1961 , regarding an area of 160 Kanals of land situated in Iqbal Park (formerly known as Minto Park ) in favour of all Pakistan Textile Mills Association, West Pakistan , Zone Lahore, is hereby cancelled with immediate effect.

(b) The lessees (including sub-lessees) are hereby directed to remove temporary structures by the 31st May 1962 , and clear debris from the area before this date.

(c) The lessees shall not be entitled to any compensation but they shall get after removal of structures and clearance of debris the amount they have deposited in respect of this lease.

  1. Whoever contravenes or fails to comply with any of the provisions of this Order or Rules made thereunder, or obstructs any person in the discharge of his duty or function under this Order shall be punishable under C. M. L. A. Regulation No. 16.

  2. Provision of this Order shall have effect notwithstanding anything to the contrary in any other law, or in any order or decree of Court, or other authority, or in any rule of custom or usage or in any contract instrument, deed or other document.

  3. No provision of this Order shall be called in question in any Court including the High Court and the Supreme Court or before any authority. No suit or legal proceedings shall lie against Government or any person in respect of anything done in good faith, intended or purported to have been done in ralation to any proceedings under this Order.


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