Martial Law Regulation 1977 No. 8

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[C. M L. A's]

(Gazette of Pakistan, Extraordinary, Part I, 10th duly 1977)

No. 8

  1. No person shall be in actual or constructive possession of any firearm, ammunition, explosive or sword without a bona fide license issued on or before 31st December 1976. All weapons licenses issued on or after 1^st^ January, 1977 stand cancelled. Weapons purchased against licenses on or after 1st January, 1977 shall be deposited with the nearest Police Station or Army Unit.

  2. All prohibited bore weapons, irrespective of date of issue of licenses, shall be deposited alongwith the licenses with the nearest Police Station or Army unit.

  3. Following category of personnel are exempt from the operation of this Regulation :-

*(a)*All defence personnel serving or retired.

(b) All Government officials, serving or retired.

(c) All personnel of law enforcing agencies.

Provided that the provisions of this paragraph shall not apply to retired Government officials who are or have been members of or connected in any manner whatsoever with a political party.

  1. All explosives, except those covered by special permits, shall be deposited with the nearest Police Station or Army unit.

  2. Contravention of this Regulation shall be punished with Rigorous Imprisonment which may extend to 14 years and/or fine not exceeding Rs. 10,000.


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