[Gazette of Punjab, Part I,

27th February, 2013]

No.SO(NTS)2-100/2012(PMA), dated 15-2-2013.--In exercise of the powers conferred by section 25 of the Punjab Metrobus Authority Act, 2012 (LVI of 2012) and supersession of this Department's Notification No.SO(NTS)2-100/2012(PMU), Governor of the Punjab is pleased to make the following rules:-

  1. Short title and commencement :

(1) These rules shall be cited as the Metrobus Authority Rules, 2013.

(2) They shall come into force at once.

  1. Definitions :

(1) In these Rules:

(a) "Act" means the Punjab Metrobus Authority Act, 2012 (LVI of 2012);

(b) "Authority" means the Punjab Metrobus Authority;

(c) "Competent Authority" means the Authority or any other officer, employee or agent of the Authority designated by it to act as competent authority for a particular case or class of cases;

(d) "Government means the Government of the Punjab: and

(e) "MBS" means metrobus, system established and operated by the Authority for operation of the metrobuses.

(2) A word or expression used in these rules but not defined shall mean the same as defined in the Act.

  1. Powers and Functions

(1) The Authority, while exercising powers and performing functions as provided in Section 5 of the Act, shall be guided by the general principles of safety and efficiency of the MBS and its ancillary matters.

(2) While assigning signal priority to the metrobus at signalized junctions, the Authority shall give due importance and weightage to non-MBS vehicles to facilitate their crossing as far as possible.

(3) The Authority may establish a system of fare-integration with feeder-routes of the MBS to facilitate efficient and effective transfer of passengers to and from the MBS in coordination with other agencies responsible for operating public transportation other than MBS. Metrobus Authority Fund

4. Metrobus Authority Fund

(1) The Authority shall establish and open Metrobus Authority Fund, Account and Escrow Account, in the Bank of Punjab, under section 10 of the Act.

(2) The Government shall meet the shortfall in the receipts of the Authority against the budgeted expenditures.

(3) The Government will transfer funds to Authority as grant-in-aid through the Administrative Department.

(4) The Authority shall, frame Financial Regulations to ensure proper financial. controls, financial delegation of powers and financial regulatory procedures.

  1. Accounts

The Authority shall maintain proper accounts and other relevant records and prepare annual statements of accounts in such form as may be prescribed in the Regulations.

  1. Budget

(1) The Authority shall prepare, every year, in such form and at such time as may be prescribed in the Regulations, a budget in respect of the next financial year showing the estimated receipts and expenditures of the Authority and shall submit the same to the Government for approval

(2) If the Government fails to approve or modify the budget within thirty days of its receipt-the-budget at prepared by the Authority shall be deemed to have been approved.

  1. Administrative Penalties

Any officer or agent of the Authority duly authorized by the Authority in this behalf will be empowered to impose and recover fines prescribed as under in relation to various offences referred to in section 18(1) of the Act.

|-------------|-------------------------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Sr. No. | Offence | Category | Fine | | (i) | Unauthorized entry into corridor | Pedestrian Cycle Animal-driven Vehicles Motor-cycle (including three wheelers) Motor Car/Jeep Van/Wagon/ Coaster Bus Truck Tailer/ Tractor-Trallley | Rs.100 Rs.200 Rs.300 Rs.500 Rs.3,000 Rs.5,000 Rs.5,000 Rs.5,000 Rs.5,000 The fine in each category will be doubled, if the same offender repeats the offence. | | (ii) | Travels or attempts to travel on metrobus without payment of fare | | Rs.50. The fine will be doubled if the same offender repeats the offence. | | (iii) | Interference or obstruction of the corridor | | Rs.20,000. The fine will be doubled, if the same offender repeats the offence. | | (iv) | Interference or obstruction of the metrobus | | Rs.20,000. The fine will be doubled, if the same offender repeats the offence. | | (v) | Interference or obstruction of the Ancillary facilities | | Rs.10,000. The fine will be doubled, if the same offender repeats the offence. |

  1. Compounding of offences :

Any officer of the Authority, duly authorized in this behalf may compound any offence under section 19 of the Act, by recovering the procurement value of the Authority's assets or assets of the service providers of the Authority, subject to ten percent annual depreciation.


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