(Amendment of R.44)

[Gazette of Pakistan, Extraordinary Part III,
27th August, 2010]

No.4(11)-Dev/2004.Vol.II, dated 25-8-2010.--In exercise of powers vested in him under Rule 42 of the Motor Vehicle Rules, 1969, read with Law Division s Notification No. F-17(2)/80-Pub, dated 31-12-1980 (P.O.No.18 of 1980) and S.R.O.402(I)/90, dated 7th May, 1990, the Chief Commissioner, ICT is pleased to direct that the Rule 44(2) of Motor Vehicle Rules, 1969, will be amended as followed.--

The person applying for copies of particulars of any vehicle entered in the record, shall pay Rs.100 (Rupees one Hundred), for each copy .

  1. This notification supersedes this office Notification of even number dated 10-8-2010.


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