National commission on the status of women (conduct of Business) rules 2004

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National commission on the status of women (conduct of Business) rules 2004

[Gazette of Pakistan , Extraordinary, Part II, 9th July, 2005 ]

**S.R.O.89(KE)/2005, dated 9-6-2005.--**In exercise of the powers conferred by section 18 of the National Commission on the Status of Women Ordinance, 2000 (XXVI of 2002), the National Commission on the Status of Women, .with the approval of the Federal Government, is pleased to make the following rules, namely:-‑

1. Short title and Commencement.--- (1) These Rules may be called the National Commission on the Status of Women (Conduct of Business) Rules, 2004.

(2) These Rules shall come into force at once.

2. Interpretation.-- The words and expressions used but not defined herein shall have meanings respectively assigned to them in the National Commission on the Status of Women Ordinance, 2000.

3. Executive Committee.-- (1) There shall be an Executive Committee of the Commission consisting of the following persons namely: -‑

(a) Chairperson.

(b) Member.

(2) Member shall act as Secretary of the Executive Committee.

4. Chairperson.------ (1) Chairperson of the Commission shall be a full time person enjoying the status as granted by the Government.

(2) Salary and allowances. The Chairperson shall draw salary and emoluments etc. in accordance with the status so granted by the Government as per terms and conditions so specified.

5. Members.-- (1) The members shall enjoy such status as the Federal Government may grant.

(2) Grant of TA/DA to non-official members of the Commissions/Committees etc. set up by the Government is regulated under the provision of Sr.28 Annex-II of New System of Financial Control and Budgeting 2000, which lays down that "Daily allowance up to the maximum rates admissible to Government Servants, and in addition, where the person concerned has, of necessity, to stay in a hotel reimbursement of actual single room rent, subject to the production of hotel/receipt/vouchers, up to the maximum rate admissible to Government servants (in their corresponding pay scales)".

6. Leave of absence.-- The Chairperson shall be entitled to leave as follows; Leave as admissible to Government servants as per Leave Rules as amended from time to time.

7. Member.- -(1) Members will notify the Chair in advance with regard to their absence from Commission sessions. The members of the Committee, sub-Committees shall inform the convenor of the said Commission or the Secretary of the Commission in advance.

(2) Unauthorized absence from the session of the Commission, Committee, sub-Committee for two or more consecutive sessions shall be reported to the Federal Government for appropriate action.

(3) The maximum permissible long leave for a Member with the exception of ex officio members with prior written permission on the cogent ground shall be a maximum of six months.

(4) The Chairperson shall be the competent Authority for sanction of leave to the Members and Federal Government shall be authority to grant leave to the Chairperson.

(5) The Chairperson, or member other than ex officio may resign from his/her office by writing under his/her hand addressed to the Federal Government with a copy to the concerned Governments and the Commission.

8. Functions and powers of the Chairperson.-- The Chairperson shall be the Chief Executive of the Commission, and shall have inter alia following functions and powers, namely:-‑

(a) To coordinate and supervise the work of the Commission, and exercise general supervision and control overall affairs of the Commission;

(b) to preside overall meetings of the Commission, and be responsible for the orderly conduct business thereat, and whenever deemed appropriate, she may designate any member of the Commission or of a Committee or a sub-Committee, or any other member to preside over a particular meeting;

(c) to advise the Federal Government on the matters relating to status of women and on any other matter specially assigned or referred to the Commission by the Federal Government as decided by the Commission;

(d) to interact closely with the Ministry of Women Development and all other Ministries/Departments at the Federal and Provincial levels;

(e) to appoint ad hoc Committees, sub-Committees, advisory panels, etc. for finalizing the mandate of Commission under TORs with the approval of the Commission;

(f) appointment of advisors, consultants and experts will be made in accordance with rules of the Government notified on the subject from time to time;

(g) to carry out such functions and do all such other acts as may be envisaged under the Ordinance as assigned by the Federal Government; and

(h) the powers and functions of the Chairperson shall, in her absence, be exercised and performed by such Member as the Chairperson may appoint.

9. Duties and functions of the Secretary.-- (a) Effect Secretariat Coordination of all professional and administrative work of the Commission;

(b) make all arrangements for the convening and conduct of meetings of the Commission, executive committee and other Committees or sub-Committees set up by the Commission, including the issuance or notices, agenda, and working papers for the meetings, recording or proceedings and getting them approved by the Chairperson;

(c) to ensure follow up and implementation of the decisions taken at these meetings; and

(d) exercise such other powers as may be assigned or delegated to her/him by the Chairperson or the Commission from time to time.

10. Powers and Functions of the Members.--Members of the Commission will have the following powers and functions, namely:

(a) To assist the Chairperson to coordinate and support the work of the Commission;

(b) to assist the Commission in its mandate and functions particularly in the monitoring and networking roles with all stakeholders including Government, Civil Society and the International Community;

(c) the members shall assist in preparation of Commission's Annual or special report;

(d) assist in maintaining and updating the resource base for the Commission;

(e) liaise with other Commission members and with the Federal Secretariat and provincial/regional offices;

(f) all members will subscribe full time whenever the meetings of the Commission, Committees, and sub-Committees are held;

(g) implementation of specific tasks as identified and assigned by the Chairperson or the Commission; and

(h) perform such other duties, and functions as may be assigned or delegated to her/him by the Chairperson and or the Commission from time to time.

11. Monitoring and Review of the Commissions' Performance.--(1) Members performance will be assessed by Commission on the basis of the established criteria. These will include attendance at meetings, expertise in terms of inputs and outputs, and strict regulations regarding the use/misuse of powers.

(2) Commission will undertake six monthly self-assessment of its performance.

12. Meetings of the Commission.--- (1) The Chairperson shall call regular meetings of the Commission either at headquarters or any of the other regions as notified by the Chairperson. At least one meeting every quarter shall be called.

(2) The quorum to constitute a meeting of the Commission shall be half of its existing membership.

(3) Meetings of the Commission, Executive Committee shall be convened with the approval of the Chairperson from time to time, and shall be held at such intervals, time and place as may be decided and notified by the Chairperson, and shall be presided over by the Chairperson, or, in her absence by a member, designated or the purpose by the Chairperson.

(4) All meetings of the Commission shall ordinarily :)e i^.^ ailed by notice in writing under the hand of the Secretary, which shall state the date, place and purpose of the meeting and along with agenda shall be circulated seven days in advance to all members and other participants.

(5) In any urgency the Chairperson may hold a meeting of the Commission at short notice.

(6) If 50% of the existing members of the Commission request in writing to the Chairperson to call meeting of the Commission in case of any emergency/special situation, the Chairperson shall call the meeting on the date, time and place decided upon by the Chairperson.

(7) Any inadvertent omission to give notice to, or non-receipt or late receipt of notice by any member shall not invalidate the proceedings of the meeting.

13. Minutes of the meeting and implementation of the decision.-(1) The Secretary shall prepare draft minutes of the meeting within a period of one week after holding of the said meeting, which shall contain a list of participants, and impersonal record of the discussion and the decisions taken. The draft minutes shall be approved by the Chairperson or by the members or designated by the Chairperson to preside over a particular meeting.

(2) After approval by the Chairperson, a copy of the approved minutes shall be transmitted to all members. Secretary shall take action to issue the decision and to implement them where such implementation is required within the stipulated time frame.

(3) Objections or reservations received from any of the members of the Commission, the same shall be taken up at the next meeting of the Commission.

14. Custody of the record.-- (1) All proceedings of the Commission, Committees, sub-Committees and connected records shall be kept in the Secretariat of the Commission in the safe custody.

(2) The Secretary will ensure the safety and confidentiality of the documents.

15. Validation of acts of the Commission.-- The Commission shall function notwithstanding any vacancy in its body and no act, direction or proceedings of the Commission shall be invalid merely by reason of such a vacancy.

**16. Appointment of Committees.---**The Commission may appoint such Committee/Committees consisting of such of its members as it thinks fit and may refer to them any matter for consideration and report, provided that the Commission may if it considers necessary, co-opt, any person, possession special knowledge and expertise on the relevant subject, to a Committee.

**17. Annual and Periodic Work.--**The Commission shall prepare its annual and periodic work plan to achieve its objective.

18. Funds.-- (1) The funds shall be administered by he Chairperson and utilized for the purpose as defined in the Ordinance.

(2) The funds shall be administered by the Commission, which shall make such allocations for specific activities as defined in the Ordinance.

(3) The Commission shall prepare its annual budget each year and present it to the Government.

(4) The fund may be operated after vetting of the Accounting procedure of the fund by the Controller-General of Accounts (CGA).

(5) The accounts of the Commission shall be audited in consultation with the Federal Government and Auditor-General of Pakistan .

19. Federal Secretariat of the Commission.--- The Secretariat of the Commission shall be located in the Federal Capital.



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