An Act to provide for the establishment of a Trust for the promotion of sports

(Gazette, of Pakistan, Extraordinary, 25th September 1972)

The following Act of the National Assembly received the assent of the President on the 25th September 1972, and is hereby published for general information ':‑

Whereas it is expedient to provide for the establishment of a Trust. For the promotion of sports and for matters ancillary thereto ;--

It is hereby enacted as follows :‑

1. Short .title, extent and commencement.‑‑(1) This Act may be called the National Sports Trust Act, 1972.

(2) It extends to the whole, of Pakistan. '

(3) It shall come into force at once.

2. Definitions.‑In this Act, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context,‑

(a) "sports" shall include Hockey, Football, Athletics, Wrestling, Cricket, Squash Racket. Swimming, Boxing. Cycling, Basketball, Weight lifting, Golf, Volleyball, Rifle Shooting, Table Tennis, Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Polo, Riding, Gymnastics, Kabaddi, Body Building, Skiing, Mountaineering, and any other activity which the Federal Government may, by notification in the official Gazette, specify to be a sport for the purposes of this Act ; and

(b) "Trust" means the Trust established under this Act.

  1. Establishment of the Trust,‑(1) As soon as may be after the com mencement ‑of this Act, the Federal Government may, for the purposes of making sports activities self‑financing, by notification in the official Gazette, establish a National Sports Trust, hereinafter referred to as the Trust.

(2). The Trust shall be a body corporate having perpetual succession and a common seal with power to acquire, hold and dispose of property, both movable and immovable.

4 . Constitution of the Trust.‑The Trust shall consist of the following members, namely :‑

(a) We Minister for Education and Provincial Co‑ordination, who shall also be the Chairman of the Trust ; ‑ ,

(b) the Education Ministers of Baluchistan, the North‑West Frontier Province, the Punjab and Sind, wan shall also be the Vice‑Chairmen of the Trust ;

(c) the Secretary, Ministry of Education and Provincial. Co‑ordina tion ; ,

(d) one representative of the Ministry of Information and Broadcastidg, Auqaf and Haj ; .

(e) one representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

(f) the Deputy Financial Adviser, Ministry of Education and Provincial Co‑ordination .

(g) one representative of the Ministry of Labour and Works.

(h) ten eminent specialists in games and sports, of whom two each shall be from Baluchistan, the North‑West Frontier Province, the Punjab, and Sind and the areas not forming part of it Province, to be appointed by the Federal Government ;

(i) ten` eminent public men of whom two each shall be from Baluchistan, the North‑West Frontier Province, the‑ Punjab, Sind and the areas not forming part of a Province, to be appointed by the Federal Government ;

(j ) the Managing Director, Pakistan International Airlines Corporation;

(k) ' a representative of the Pakistan Western Railway;

(l) the President of the Pakistan Olympic Association ;

(m) the Managing Director, Pakistan Television Corporation ;

(n) the Director‑General. Radio Pakistan ; ‑

(o) one representative of the Services Sports Control Board;

(p) one representative of the University Grants Commission ;

(g) one representative of the Intermediate and Secondary Education Sports Board ;

(r) two' representatives of such sports bodies as 'the Federal Govern meat may recognise for the purpose; to be appointed by the Federal Government:

Provided that a representative of any such sports body shall not be re‑appointed before a representative of all other such bodies have been appointed ; ,

(s) one representative of the Karachi Port Trust ;

(r) a whole‑time Director‑General of the Trust to be appointed by the Federal Government ;

(u) a whole‑time Treasurer of the trust to be appointed by the Federal government ;

(v) the Secretary, Pakistan Sports Control Board

(w) the Director, Pakistan Sports Control Board ;

(x) two representatives elected by the National Assembly of Pakistan from amongst themselves ; ,

(y) one representative of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

  1. Functions of the Trust.‑The following shall be the functions of the Trust, namely :‑

(a) to receive any moneys or financial grants from the Federal Government, the Provincial Governments, local bodies, and any statutory or non‑statutory Corporations;

(b) to collect, accept or otherwise receive from any person, body, association or organisation any subscription or donation made to then Trust ; '

(c) to utilise such moneys on the constriction, development and' maintenance of national stadia, gymnasia, sports training and coaching centres, squash Courts and golf courses and on the provision of playing fields ; ,

(d) to give giants‑in‑aid from time to time to such activities as special coaching schemes and important international event ,in sports and to assist deserving national games and sports organisations and sportsmen;,

(e) to' maintain proper books of account of the income and expenditure of the Trust ;

(f ) to ensure that any grants given by the Trust are utilized to the best advantage. in accordance with the objects for which such grants are made ;

(g) to foster love and, enthusiasm for sports amongst all sections of the public ; and

(h) to take such other actions as may be necessary to achieve the objects of the Trust.

6. Power to make rules.‑(1) The Trust may make rules for carrying the provisions of this Act into effect.

(2) In particular and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing provision, such rules may provide for the. term of office of the members of the Trust other than the ex officio members.

7. Repeal of Ordinance XXVII of 1972.‑The National Sports Trust Ordinance., 1972 (XXVII of 1972), is hereby repealed.


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